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Cover Image for “Floret Silva”– Kay Hoffman

“Floret Silva”– Kay Hoffman

A gorgeous experiment in revisiting the music of the past with the knowledge and bias of the present.

Cover Image for “Herzfrequenz”–Blümchen


This blisteringly optimistic record pings between seemingly disparate moods with a deeply manic energy–jumping from sweet melodies about love and flowers to acid, breakbeat or gabber samples effortlessly.

Cover Image for “Neo Ouija” – Metamatics

“Neo Ouija” – Metamatics

Quiet and slightly melancholy late-nineties IDM, with a bit of a wonky leftfield attitude.

Cover Image for “Neptunes Lair” – Drexciya

“Neptunes Lair” – Drexciya

From the moment you are dropped into the intro’s chanting drone and bubbly speech samples, the deep dark ocean imagery comes to mind easily. Acid-y breakbeat with submarine pings really set this record firmly in a 90s tradition of dance music.

Cover Image for “Paraiso”—Harry Hosono and The Yellow Magic Band

“Paraiso”—Harry Hosono and The Yellow Magic Band

An absolutely perfect–if bizzare–summer album.

Cover Image for “Sunshower”—Taeko Ohnuki

“Sunshower”—Taeko Ohnuki

This is a record that’s perfect for driving around on a sunny day with big puffy clouds above you and somebody nice in the passenger seat.

Cover Image for “Water Bearer”—Sally Oldfield

“Water Bearer”—Sally Oldfield

A silly, beautiful, and beloved record from 1978.